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 ВНИИАЭН - History








Joint-Stock Company 
Research and Design Institute for Atomic and Power Pumpbuilding


In 1956 in Sumy, in the regional center of Ukraine, according to the Government decision a Special Design Bureau of Feed Water Pumps, SDB-FWP, was established in order to solve in a short time the problem pertaining to national economy: development and implementation of powerful feed water, condensate and network pump units for commissioning the large-size hydro-electrical power plants (HEPPs) and Central Heating and Power Plant (CHPP) being under construction in USSR..



The edict concerning SDB-FWP foundation





The name of the first engineering manager of SDB-FWP Serhiy Serhiyovych Serikov, a graduate of Leningrad Polytechnical Institute, a brilliant specialist, institutor and person, will always remain in the history of our organization. The ideas that he worked out as to ways of branch development and design details of the pumps greatly influenced the destiny of SDB-FWP: increase of volume of works being fulfilled, their complexity and importance for the country stipulated transformation of Bureau into Ukrainian branch of VNDIGidromash.

S.S.Serikov - institutor and
    manager of SDB-FWP

Administration building of the "Nasosenergomash Sumy " was the initial
location of the SDB-FWP


In the late 1960’s the branch was involved in implementation of works connected with design of pumping equipment for nuclear power plants with power generating units of single-unit power of 440 thousand, a million and 1.5 million kW. It was our organization that has developed all the pumps for Leningrad nuclear power plant (NPP) – the first NPP in the USSR with power units RBMK of 1000MW.


In 1970 UkrVNDIGidromash was reorganized into All-Union Research and Design Institute for Atomic and Power Pumpbuilding.


Since 1974 the Institute has been located on the new place, where in those days one of the largest in Europe experimental and research bases together with an administrative building had been built.


In 1992 VNIIAEN was appointed the head organization of Ukraine in the field of pump engineering. The Technical Committee for standardization of TK-21 “Positive displacement and rotordynamic pumps”was established on the Institute basis. It has been functioning since that time.


Since 1993 the test center of VNIIAEN has been accredited by Accreditation Council for its technical competence with the right to perform all kinds of tests of rotodinamic pumps including certification tests (Accreditation Certificate No. ССNА UA.001.22.N173).


In 1997 VNIIAEN entered the List of Companies that are of Strategic Importance for Economy and National Security (Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 911 dated 21.08.1997 and No. 83 dated 04.03.2015 with revisions).


Since the year 2000 “VNIIAEN” has been reorganized into a joint-stock company without changing the name.


Test center of JSC “VNIIAEN”


The process of finding solutions for engineering problems. The 80’s of the last century

In 2006 the test center of JSC “VNIIAEN” was included in the State Register of scientific facilities that form the national resources (Instruction No.665-Р dd. 27 December 2006).


In 2012 JSC “VNIIAEN” has been appointed a leading organization in the field of research, development and implementation of scientific, technical and design production in pump engineering (Letter No.1/06-2-692 from State Agency for Science, Innovation and Informatization of Ukraine dated 12.10.2012).




In 2014 according to Decision Point of State enterprise “National Nuclear Energy Generating Company “Energoatom” (“NNEGC "Energoatom”),
JSC “VNIIAEN” has become its approved vendor to conduct to its orders a series of works that are the Institute’s core activities (Decision on Approved Vendor No. РШ-П 0.22.052-20 dated 29.05.2020).

 On July 02, 2015, a company called JSC «VNIIAEN» was renamed Public Joint Stock Company «Research and Design Institute for Atomic and Power Pumpbuilding» (abbreviated company name – Public JSC «VNIIAEN») according to resolution of the shareholders meeting (Report No. 7 dated June 26-27, 2015).


On May 03, 2018, the form of the company incorporation was changed from Public for Private as well as full name Public Joint Stock Company «Research and Design Institute for Atomic and Power Pumpbuilding» was changed for
Joint Stock Company «Research and Design Institute for Atomic and Power Pumpbuilding» (abbreviated company name Public JSC «VNIIAEN» was changed for JSC «VNIIAEN») according to resolution of the shareholders meeting (Report No. 11 dated April 27, 2018).


The first development result of SDB-FWP: feed water pump ПЭ 320-180/200 designed for power units with a capacity from 150 to 200 MW