• development of engineering design documentation in the field of centrifugal pumps and pump units, as well as pump unit control systems;

  •  design of research and test stands;

  • strength design and hydrodynamic design of the equipment being developed;

  •  design of updated assemblies of centrifugal pumps, including hydraulic devices for tightening joints of thermal and mechanical equipment, and flexible ring and plate-type couplings.

All the work is done with due consideration for achievements in pump engineering and operating experience, as well as using state-of-the-art computer technologies, including advanced licensed software.


 JSC VNIIAEN designs and some results of its work are used in product manufacturing by leading enterprises of Ukraines pump engineering industry, and the equipment itself is successfully operated at facilities of nuclear and thermal power engineering of CIS and far-abroad countries, in production and pipeline transportation of oil and oil products, in other industries and sectors of the national economy.



  • development of highly economical hydraulic components of centrifugal pumps;

  • development of seals and pump bearings;

  • vibration monitoring and vibroacoustics of pumping equipment;

  • unification of pumping equipment;

  •  development of national and industrial standards and regulations to be used in the field of pump engineering.



  • evaluation of technical condition of pumping equipment based on strength properties, and determination of its residual life;

  •  inspection of pumping equipment for the purpose of extending its life.